Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last week's box...

Red, yellow, orange, & green salad peppers, 3 heads of lettuce, mixed salad greens, cucumber, 2 broccoli heads, tomatoes, grapefruits, oranges, waimea mushrooms, avocado, ginger root, & Italian eggplant.

Note: the Kona Coffee did not come with the box but the Kona Coffee & Tea Company happens to be right next store to the pick up location so it is the perfect opportunity to pick up your coffee while you are there.
If you want to pick up a week's worth of greens, organic, fresh & locally grown then contact

Lavender Scones & the buttermilk crisis

I had to go to Waimea last week to deliver a painting, so while I was there I picked up some Waimea lavender and decided to make some special scones for my gals at MOPS (Mother Of Preschoolers). I wanted to make sure that my gals know that they are special, they were missed and that I am happy they are in my group. I feel really lousy at expressing my appreciation to the people in my life that I love so I thought I would make a big physical declaration for them that none of the other groups' gals would have- something to let them know that they are special to me.
But I ran into a problem... the recipe called for Buttermilk and I didn't have any. So of course I called my mother. She gave me this recipe as a substitute for Buttermilk.
1 tbsp of Lemon juice
1 cup milk
let sit for a couple minutes & use
While I was cooking them the whole house filled with the scent of lavender- it smelled amazing!
I added chocolate chips to the recipe cause... I like chocolate.

I wrapped them in clear acetate bags with lavender ribbon and little tags that read "Welcome Back!" I hope they communicated my intent. They were pretty tasty.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Size matters

So our cowboy neighbors gave us a HUGE green squash. It was Massive. Bigger than Journey.
I took one look at that thing and wondered what exactly Matt expected me to do with it. Perhaps it was a new disciplinary device with which to punish naughty boys?
But instead he expected me to cook it for dinner. I wasn't quite sure where to start. he said that the neighbor suggested we fry it up with SPAM and soysauce... Spam... oh goody (my favorite- not!)... sorry, but I am just not that Hawaiian. But Matt decided to take matters into his own able hands and tried it. It was pretty good actually despite the Spam and went pretty well with my shake 'n bake contribution of pork chops.
The boys were most excited about the pink lemonade from France- now that was a BIG hit. Journey said "This lemonade tastes like laughing" because it was con gas (sparkling).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Box of Goodies Jan.14

The fruit bowl...
The Vegetables...
The weird eating habits of my crazy child...

Interested in receiving your own box of organic island fresh bounty every week, visit
Local Harvest
(If you tell them I sent you, they allow us a discount on future subscriptions)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The potage of Good Behavior

In the tradition of one of my most favorite authoresses Ms. Jana Kolpen, I present to you...
The Potage of Good Behavior
First go to your local farmer's market and be persuaded to purchase young organic leeks from just as young hippy men, that you will chop up into inch long cylinders (the young leeks that is, not the young men). But while still at the market don't forget to pick up some freshly ground tumeric from a gentleman with quite long hair whom is also selling Kava laced with cinnamon. Once home you will add your chopped up leeks, a dash of tumeric, chopped up carrots, potatoes, and celery to a bubbling cauldron of chicken stock. Add some white pearl onions.
You'll then need a shake or two of Basil, some paprika (mainly for color- tumeric can turns things the most disturbing shade of electric yellow) crumbled bacon, and a can of mushroom soup.
Allow to simmer for at least 4 hours or longer.
Add a shake or two of grated Parmesian Cheese to each bowl before serving.
Serve with fresh baked french bread.
Your sons will finish their bowls and request even more in the most polite of manners. After dinner they will wash their dishes without being told and rush immediately up the stairs to take their baths, brush their teeth, and go to bed without so much as a fight, tear, or yell.
Caution: You may not recognize your own children!
P.S. If you enjoy a recipe with some whimsy I suggest you read The Secrets of Pistoulet by Jana Kolpen

Friday, January 2, 2009


Starfruit is great abundance right now!
We don't have a tree of our own but lots of friends
have been donating the sweet, watery treats for Mr. Journey's obsession.
Most people like to slice them up so that they make
whimsical star shapes on salads or desserts but not Journey...
He attacts them like corn on the cob
(and oddly enough, though the whole fruit is edible, leaves the "core").