Friday, December 26, 2008

Local Organic Produce

I don't grocery shop anymore. I subscribe to a service called Adaptations that picks my food from 30 organic local farms, stuffs it all in a box, and drops it off right beside my family's coffee shop (The Kona Coffee & Tea Company behind the Tesoro gas station across from the Marina) at the Hawai'i Forrest & Trail. It is really great. For a season's subscription ($27 a week) I no longer have to make lists, treck down to the supermarket and buy way too much unhealthy food. I go down to the coffee shop- grab a cup of coffee- and pick up my box filled with the season's best.
I look inside and see "what can I cook with this". I get fruit, vegitables, and salad... sometimes mushrooms and herbs, too... you never quite know what will be inside. It also helps me try new things I never bought before like beets and radishes. It's always fresh, its always local, and it's always good. Local Harvest organizations like this are just about everywhere in the US now. You can check to see if there is one in your area by visiting