Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Coffee Lover's Dream come true- a son who makes coffee!

First, the eco-friendly family that we are, he knows that it would be truly sinful to discard such valuable nutrients as linger in the filter tray from yesterday's brew. So he very dutifully trudges out into the garden to empty yesterday's grinds into the compost pile.
Shaking out every last speck, he returns to the kitchen via the backdoor.

Empites out any lingering drips from yesterday's coffee into the kitchen sink.

Rinses the coffee pot.

Re-fills the coffee pot.

Scoots the stool from the kitchen sink...

into position in front of the coffee maker. Shortness is no obstacle for this little barista! He's a man with a plan!

He pours the water into the chamber of the coffee maker.

Tries very carefully not to spill it.

Replaces the chamber lid.

Very proud to be brewing for mommy, only the very best 100% Kona Peaberry!

He pours the beans into the coffee grinder.

OOps! A spill! No matter- he has it covered! This boy even cleans up after himself (all men take note!)

It is fun to help the grinder out with his own personal sound effects.

He excitedly declares "It's ready mommy!"
Gets out a filter from the drawer.
Puts the filter in the tray- this kid knows what he's doing!
Dash of cinnamon- that's my boy! (I learned this tasty trick from my friend Dina D-Argo)
He puts the tray in place.

And his absolute, FAVORITE part is switching on the button!
"Now we have to wait Mommy" he instructs me.
Even though we know water won't boil if you watch it- he can't resist attentively eyeing each drip of the perkolat'n machine.
"It smells good Mommy!"
I'm the luckiest Mommy on the planet!

Now... I'm thinking its about time we teach him to scrub the toilets ;)